Handling Improper Behavior

Sometimes I see devotees behaving improperly. It really disturbs me. How should we react in such a situation?

What is the lesson for me? Every devotee is a teacher. Some teachers teach us how to be. Some teachers teach us how not to be. Whatever situations are sanctioned by Lord Krishna in the life of a devotee are only for uplifting that particular devotee. Krishna wants us to progress; there can be no other purpose. Whenever we see a devotee behaving improperly, the first thing to meditate upon is – (1) what does my ever well-wishing friend Krishna wish me to learn from this?

I am a learner A learner’s attitude is the best attitude for a sadhaka devotee. When we ourselves are not perfect it is risky to judge others. Better to inspect ourselves and our attitude than to think critically about others. With the right attitude of a student, we are grateful for every lesson received from every teacher. We can receive lessons even without the teacher intending it. With an attitude of gratitude it is difficult to be offensive to anyone. A learner’s attitude is thus a great boon for us.

Pray for everyone including that one Since that person is a devotee he/ she is definitely dear to Lord Krishna and Krishna definitely must have some plans for him/ her. With an inoffensive & grateful attitude, when we are calm, we can always sincerely offer a prayer to Lord Krishna for the particular devotee.


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