Rude/ Disrespectful even after Realizing our Mistake?

Why does it happen that even after we realize we are wrong, we get overcome by our mind and repeat our mistakes? For eg. sometimes we behave rude or disrespectful. How can we improve?

Meditate on the rose above the thorns. For most of us, it is difficult to be rude to someone whose good qualities we are aware of or whose good qualities we appreciate. We can only be rude to someone we are ignorant about or we do not have any appreciation for. Just like an expert cameraman adjusts his focus before clicking his best shot, write on a piece of paper beforehand the good qualities of the other person you tend to be rude/ disrespectful with. There is a good chance to locate the rose above the thorns if you search for them. When the mind wants you to be rude to this person, think of these good qualities. Will be easier to be respectful and courteous. As per Bhagavad-gita 6.26, it is our diligent duty to not allow the rogue mind to behave the way it wants to. We can always make adequate arrangements to help the mind walk a path of good sense.

Think of the silent spectator.  There is always someone in our lives whom we have respect or admiration for. This is the last person whom we would afford to irritate by foul behavior. For some it can be a senior family member. For some it can be one’s spiritual master. Imagine that this person is around and he/ she witnesses my misbehavior. How will this person feel? Just for the pleasure of someone whom we respect and love we can tolerate unlimited difficulties. Imagine that this lovable person is around when your mind compels you to be rude to another person. Will be easier to compel your mind not to be rude.


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