Is it wrong if I meditate on non-spiritual quotes received from social media?

I receive many non-spiritual quotes on social media, and they give me peace of mind. Is there anything wrong in meditating on these quotes?

Separate the chaff from the wheat. When we are aware of what the real goal of life is, we earnestly try every moment to achieve that goal. We put every bit of our precious energy to minimize the gap between where we are and where we wish to reach within the minimum time available to us. Some quotes being freely distributed on social media might give us temporary peace of mind. If that is their only contribution to our lives, they can be helpful as a stepping point in reaching our original goal of life, which is unmotivated, affectionate inclination for service to Lord Krishna. However, if these quotes become our primary meditation because of the peace that they give us, these quotes have a potential to divert us from our understanding of the goal of life and the means to achieve it.

Dilution possible. Also, very soon our firm conviction for our original goal of achieving affectionate service attitude for Lord Krishna may also get diluted by pseudo-spiritual principles prevalent in the world today. Soon, we might treat any person who makes even an indirect reference to God as a saint without evaluating his underlying principles and standards of personal purity. We might treat any philosophy that has some occasional reference to God as bona fide without evaluating the (1) theological basis of such beliefs or the (2) espoused purposes of such beliefs (viz. selfless service to God or selfish engagement of a powerful God in our service) and the (3) professed destinations/ goals of such philosophies. Present times are times where people have been cheated not just in social, financial and cultural transactions but also in the matter of religion & spirituality. Anyone with a charismatic voice and a polished PR machinery at his disposal can impress uneducated spiritual “illiterates” of the post-modern times into accepting whatever he/ she dishes out as authentic spirituality.

Just  like we must not become “narrow-minded” in the name of “sticking to the substance,” in the name of becoming “broad-minded,” we must also not accept dilution. “Broad-mindedness” is not a synonym for accepting everything as right. It is a mindset which enables us to evaluate everything we come across in this world with an open mind in comparison to the sacred teachings of the Supreme Lord Krishna received in guru-shishya parampara. The gold standard remains what it is. Anything that shines has to be compared with gold.

Sacred alternatives. Sacred scriptures like Bhagavad-gita/ Ramayana/ Srimad-bhagavatam also offer many poetic verses with intellect-stimulating analogies making them suitable substance for our meditation. In this way, Vedic scriptures not just give us spiritual enlightenment but also motivate us with on the path of purity by giving us inspiration and motivation rooted in the Absolute truth.


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