Why is Lord Krishna blue?

Why is Lord Krishna blue?

Common Misconception. Lord Krsna is not blue in complexion. For simplicity sake, He might be depicted as being blue in color in some descriptions. The authorized scriptures refer to Him as “shyamasundara.” The word “shyama” is usually translated as blackish but the adjacent word “sundara” means beautiful. Usually someone with a darkish (blackish) complexion is not perceived as beautiful in this world. This hints that the “shyama” color of Krsna is not ordinary black(-ish) color of this world.

Redefining Krishna’s color. The “shyama” color is actually a special transcendental color which has no equivalent in the material world. Still, for purposes of description, just to get close to it sometimes it is compared to the hue of a newly formed fresh monsoon cloud and so sometimes Krishna is also referred to as “ghanashyama” where ghana refers to a fresh monsoon cloud and shyama refers to the darkish complexion of the Supreme Lord. The authorized scriptures just offer a description of His bodily hue and do not offer explanations of why His color is this specific color. Many speculative explanations on this matter do abound in this world however bona fide acharyas seem to have just accepted this fact rather than question it.


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